Find the Fun - Company Message
                                 Meet the self-proclaimed 'Goddess of Fun'.
                Lisa Olson    
humorist speaker,actress, writer, emcee, voice artist and
comedienne who says: "DO try this at home.
                            ...  hang on and enjoy the laugh ride!


 Contact us for available dates to entertain your 
private or corporate holiday party.

The area's only interactive, clean comedy show, 
using your group's ideas!


  • Select  IMPROVISATION (on the left) to hire the cast to bring energetic, clean, interactive comedy to your next event!  Audience suggestions shape the show.

Need a Keynote, Voice Work or an Emcee for your event?
From the motivational presentation touching on friends past and present to your own improvisation workshop; discover what it takes to be positive by finding laughs in each day. Surprises, fun, characters and humor round out these presentations.
Lisa’s background is comedy and she has blended her years on stage into a discussion that is thought provoking, healthy and, sassy.  Affordable fun?  She's got ideas for you!
Stress is going to happen.
Learn how to repel negative people and situations, reminding you who is in charge: You!
  • Did you know that happy workplaces are more productive?
  • Did you know humor is the original Fountain of Youth?
  • Did you know the word ‘monosyllable’ is five syllables long?
Humorist, speaker, writer and performer.
Past and current fun includes; weekend radio DJ, Emcee, hosting and performing stand-up comedy, voice work, acting and various comedy gigs....which help to keep her from exploding.

** Inquire about corporate improvisation workshops!
                   Lisa even has fun
              when telemarketers call! 
     CD set for sale.  Email for information.
  Photo by Janet Mootz
Lisa owns and performs with the Heart of La Crosse Comedy Troupe (check out for September show dates) and also Comedy Alley Improvisation!
Comedy Alley Improvisation is interactive comedy where every single show is original and involves the audience. Request a show or your own improvisation workshop for your office or any group. Guaranteed to bring laughs and a sparkly perspective on the day.
It’s a team-building joy ride!
Lisa lives in La Crosse, WI and has 2 cool boys who provide comedy material unknowingly.  Her partner in comedy and love is her husband Todd.  His three boy-men add merriment to their 'Brady Bunch' lives.
Life is too short to have a hairstyle you hate, or days you dread. Take time to prioritize your true needs. Friends are the key to a happy life and Lisa can prove this. But she won’t cut your hair. 
We thrive on laughter but often give it the back seat when we are too busy for friends or playtime. It is in play that we rejuvenate.  What are the stories you share? Is it the report you turned in on time (no) or the day you were with buddies and laughed so hard you still have a side cramp?
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